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Yedidyah we are fueled with passion for doing things better and quicker, we are brightest thinkers and entrepreneurs in every sense focused in creating niche Web based products. We live doing tomorrow’s technology, always relish complex integration and get it done. We believe customers should be loved, developers must be inspired and products deserve personality.


We offer low cost web development, maintenance and support, we specialise in building the never-been-built before, using equal measure of well proven and emerging technologies that often have never-been-used-for-that before. We listen carefully to requirements and only then select technologies – each on their own merit, and just for the task at hand. The result is always engaging products, built using a clear separation of concerns, ready for change and ready scale. What we build is hybrid mobile apps and responsive web apps.


Yedidyah range of consultancy services including adoption of Agile tooling and methods, business process analysis, requirements gathering and product roadmap planning, market opportunity analysis, tech due diligence for investors, IT program management, senior tech recruitment support, IT strategy review and strategy creation. Whatever the problem or opportunity, we have the clever folk to help you currently in UK and Europe.

About Us

Smart and Robust Mobile App and Web Development

Starting with the user experience, we build technology agnostic software using elegant, globally ready, micro service architectures

We strive towards building beautifully-designed mobile apps saving up your 70% budget and 60% time. Our goal is to make an innovative and meticulous Mobile and Web Application for our customers. We emphasize on micro details and make your experience “Marvelous”.

Partnerships to disrupt markets with technology and create fast growth businesses in high expansion markets

Yedidyah love big ideas, we love technology and we love upsetting the apple cart. It’s not always easy to invent new concepts that will revolutionise the world and it’s often not the first to market with a new concept that will reap the greatest rewards. In fact most of the time someone has already thought of your latest idea. Here at Yedidyah we think that’s just fine.

We are interested in established markets where the use of technology to deliver services, or the implementation of a new business model through technology changes the market dynamic to create opportunity. This could be where technology can deliver services more efficiently, alter the balance of power in a market or just provide a vastly improved product for the consumer.

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Admiral Insurance

Sopra Banking Software

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Not here for a quick buck!

Because we are here to help you. Customer satisfaction is the key. We want to have a long standing relationship with you and grow our business.

Prominent in Technology

App Developmennt, Cloud Computing Services, Cross-Platform Application Programming, Strategic Website Consulting and Web Designing.

Astonishing User Experience

Innovative design and user interface are the first thing that makes an impact on the customer, we understand this and implement them meritoriously. We follow a process that is a well-planned and take strategic approach to various modules. We strive to produce the top-notch end result.

Low Cost development

We have both On-site and Offshore development options that could make a substantial difference in the cost of development thereby minimising your expenses in using our services.

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